Off road tour to Underground bunker

Off Road Tour to „Underground Bunker”

Difficulty level: easy!

The tour lasts 5 hours including sightseeing tour.

The main sightseeing object of this off road tour is an underground bunker, built in the Soviet times. It was meant for the representatives of power elite of the time as a place where they could survive for a longer period of time and as a place from where they would rule the country in the case of nuclear war. The bunker is still functioning.

The off road tour route leads you through Ādaži Military Training Area and Firing Range, which is now owned by NATO armed forces.

The route: Rīga – Ropaži – Sigulda – Līgatne – Rīga.

See „Underground Bunker” Tour in larger map

Tour lasts: 5 hours
Tour distance: 120 km
Difficulty level: Easy
Group size: up to 80 persons (min. 3 persons)
4×4 SUV’s in group: up to 20
Self driving: Yes
Tour pricing: 75 EUR a person (both all taxes and entrance fee in bunker are included)

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