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Guided Adventure Tour Riga – Sigulda

If you want to experience a wonderful day in the proximity of Riga, this offer is meant for you! 4×4 Jeep Safari off road adventures, free flying in the vertical wind tunnel – just like a bird in the sky, ride in the real bobsleigh tack with the speed of almost 100 km/h – it is possible to experience and enjoy all this during one day, if you participate in the guided adventure tour Riga – Sigulda by Baltic Adventure Tours!

The Riga-Sigulda adventure tour starts in a scenic pine wood. There the 4×4 Jeep Safari adventures also begin – forest roads and off-roads with driving up and down some quite steep hills followed by some mud baths until the 4×4 off road jeeps arrive to a very beautiful place at the bank of river Liela Jugla. Here in the meadow the drivers can step out of their off road jeeps to get some fresh air.

After that, if the weather conditions allow, the guided adventure tour recommence with a steep descent from the bank to the river and continues with the river crossing! Now that is a real off road adventure – everyone who has enjoyed the water splashes against the doors of the 4×4 jeep confirms that! After crossing a meadow that is overgrovn with bushes the column of 4×4 jeeps enters the pine wood. Now the main task of the drivers is to drive around the big and deep puddles, from which it would be impossible to get out without a winch!

Adventure Tours Riga-Sigulda

The guided tour of Jeep Safari continues in beautiful pine forest and drivers have few quite impressive hills to cross on their way. Now the first stage of the guided adventure tour Riga-Sigulda is completed and the tour continues on asphalt road until the next adventure – Aerodium vertical wind tunnel in the proximity of Sigulda.

Aerodium – the vertical wind tunnel

Aerodium - the vertical wind tunnel

The vertical wind tunnel is a device that was originally created for the trainings of military parachutists. The Aerodium vertical wind tunnel that was created in Latvia allows everyone to enjoy the feeling of flying in the most direct sense of the word – the enormous and strong stream of wind, created by a huge ventilator, allows the person to “lay” on it and fly. By changing the position of the body, you can perform different moves and acrobatic elements in the air and enjoy the emotions never experienced before. At the same time with the introduction of wind tunnel technologies, high safety settings are elaborated that creates a safe environment for bodyflying. Even winter is not an obstacle to enjoy the flying in the wind tunnel!
Everyone could watch and evaluate the work and achievements of the Aerodium team during the closing ceremony of Torino Winter Olympics in 2006. An Aerodium vertical wind tunnel created especially for the show was used, with the help of which flyers from Latvia demonstrated an unforgettable air acrobatic show, flying at a height of 25 metres off the ground!

Flying into Aerodium

Before flying everyone must participate in the 30-minute preparation course, where you will be trained and provided with the necessary gear – the outfit, goggles, helmet, and gloves. Then, together with the instructor, you will go to the wind tunnel, where the created air flow with the speed of nearly 200 km/h will lift you up in a free flight. If necessary, the instructor will provide you with constant support during the flight. The duration of flight is not very long, however 3 minutes spent in the air for the first time is more than enough for long lasting emotions!

When all the participants of the guided adventure tour Riga – Sigulda have “landed”, they proceed to the next breathtaking adventure – Sigulda bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track.

Sigulda bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track

Sigulda bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track

The Sigulda bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track is located in Sigulda. The first records about the beginning of the bobsleigh here are from the end of 19 century when Prince Kropotkin built the first bobsleigh track in his manor. It was 900 metres long and had one turn.
The today’s track was designed in the scientific centre of Leipzig sports bureau, and it was built by the company “Graming” from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. The track was finished in 1986. It’s total length is 1420 metres, number of turns – 16, the maximum possible speed – 126 km/h.
The track is suitable for the organization of bobsleigh, luge and skeleton competitions. Every year local and internation competitions take place in Sigulda bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track.

Ride by “vucko” in Sigulda bobsleigh track

Nobody can’t express and explain the feelings that you have during the ride in the bobsleigh track. Everyone must experience it himself! However, the privilege of piloting the bob is held for the local pilots of the track.

After the fun ride, you can climb up the platform of the starting place, where a sightseeing platform is located, and enjoy the wonderful magnificence of primeval valley of the most beautiful river of Latvia – Gauja, because the track is located in the territory of Gauja National Park.

After the enjoyment of this wonderful landscape, the drivers of the 4×4 jeeps take the travellers to have a lunch in a cosy restaurant in Sigulda. After a good meal the guided tour starts the way back to Riga. But on the way there will be some off road surprises in the Jeep Safari track!

With a pleasant tiredness and a happy smile on their faces, the participants of guided adventure tour Riga-Sigulda return in Riga. This tour is over!

See you tomorrow!
Baltic Adventure Tours – your adventure guide in Latvia

Program of a Riga-Sigulda Adventure Tours

- 9:30 beginning of the guided Jeep Safari tour in Riga
- 10:00 Jeep Safari off-road adventures in the woods
- 11:30 arrival in the Aerodium; flying in the vertical wind tunnel
- 12:30 drive to the Sigulda bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track
- 13:00 ride with the summer type bob or winter type bob „vucko” in Sigulda bobsleigh track; visit to sightseeing tower
- 14:00 a rich dinner of traditional Latvian cuisine in Sigulda
- 15:00 Jeep Safari off-road adventures in the woods on the way back to Riga
- 15:50 leaving the woods
- 16:00 return in Riga

– Recommended clothing: depending on weather conditions – warm and light sportwear clothes for whom you don’t have to worry if they get dirty. The main thing is that you can move freely and feel comfortable. Sport shoes with a flexible sole are advisable.
- Recommended age of the participants: 14 to 70 years; weight: 20 to 100 kg; height: up to 2 metres.

Length of the tour: 7 hours
Tour distance: 140 km
Tour route: Rīga – Ropaži – Sigulda – Ādaži – Rīga
Difficulty level: Medium
Group size: up to 24 persons (min. 4 persons)
4×4 off road jeeps in group: up to 8
Self driving: Yes
Tour pricing per person: 159 EUR (includes all taxes)
Adventure tour price includes:
- guided tour in a 4×4 jeep Riga – Sigulda – Riga (140 km);
- free flying in the Aerodium vertical wind tunnel (3 min);
- ride with the bob in the Sigulda bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track;
- lunch in a restaurant in Sigulda;
- refreshing (non-alcoholic) drinks in the 4×4 jeep;
- service of 4×4 off road jeep and a driver – guide.

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