Off Road Company


The off road club “Mazozoli 4×4” was founded in 2000 with an aim to popularise off road driving and adventure tourism as an excellent form of active recreation. Since the moment of founding the association has organised more than three hundred different adventure tourism and adventure events with sports utility vehicles. Our customers are tourism operators, entertainment agencies, car dealers and other companies.

Our key principles are the safety and comfort of the customers during the entire event – both in the cars and outside. To ensure this we pay attention to all, even seemingly most trifling details of the journey.
The off road club “Mazozoli 4×4″ – the team with extensive experience and developed sense of responsibility!

Contact us:
Edvins Bauers, founder of “Mazozoli 4×4″
Phone: (+371) 294 24541; (+371) 296 79742; (+371) 297 41768;

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