Natural Landscape Off Road Tour

Natural Landscape Off Road Tour near Riga

Natural Landscape Off Road Tour will create a memory that will remain vivid for a lifetime because of the wonderful landscapes with the backcountry and small forest roads. During this off road tour you will see Latvia beyond the walls of city – meadows, forests, rivers. As the tour goes mostly through underpopulated regions, there’s a great chance to meet some wild animals.

The crew of Baltic Adventure Tours considers that the route of Natural Landscape Off Road Tour is the most beautiful tour in the proximity of Riga – the capital city of Latvia. The first off road adventures starts already thirty minutes after 4×4 jeeps have left the centre of Riga and enters in a beautiful pine wood. There are hilly forest roads with some pretty steep slopes that are frequently accompanied by loud screams from the representatives of the fair sex! After a while the hilly relief turns to plain area and the adventures continue with off road driving through mud baths that seem impassable at the first sight…

Still the 4×4 jeeps that are prepared for off road adventures easily manage to get through and continue the tour on asphalt road. But not for long. Soon they are jolting on a very bumpy, but beautiful road along the coast of river Lielā Jugla. Drivers can step out from their 4×4 jeeps in a nice and romantic meadow on the shore of the river to have a breath of fresh air and listen to the loquacious water of the river.

Ten minutes later the off road tour continues and already with a surprise – a steep slope on the shore and the crossing of the river! For those who have never crossed the river by 4×4 jeep, this off road adventure will definitely stick in the memory for the whole life! We recommend to open the windows of your 4×4 jeeps – so that you can better hear and feel the splashes of the water on the sides of the jeep! On the other side of the river the column of 4×4 jeeps drives through the meadow that is overgrown with bushes and then enters the pine wood. The road leads to the high-voltage electric line and for a little while goes along it.

Here the drivers must be especially careful and try to drive around the big and deep puddles, from which it would be impossible to get out without a winch! Then there’s a long passage along some beautiful pine forests with a few impressive hills on the way. The drivers of 4×4 jeeps pull up for a while, so that the travellers could take a rest from this off road tour.

Off road driving downhill

The tour continues on more populated areas, across the highways of Vidzeme and Tallin, through the village of Ādaži and along the Ādaži Airfield. Here it is possible to fly with one of the small airplanes and see the forests, the meadows, the entry of the second largest river of Latvia – Gauja – into the sea and also a little part of Baltic Sea – the Gulf of Riga. You can order and book the flight for additional price together with the Natural Landscape Off Road Tour. After the flight we get into the 4×4 jeeps and start our way back to Riga.

Leaving the airfield behind and under favorable weather conditions, the travellers go to Nature Park “Piejūra”. There, after a short walk through the wood, they reach the beach with white sand and can touch the water in the Baltic Sea.

After the visit of the beach, the column of 4×4 jeeps return to Riga – that is only a city, though so beautiful!

Nature Park “Piejūra”

Nature Park Piejūra

Nature Park “Piejūra” was founded in 1962 and the area of the Park is 4315 ha. The park is a part of the territory of Natura 2000 network. The park is a specially protected area where you can find rare coastal habitats, wooden dunes and old boreal forests, as well as embryonic dunes, rare plant and animal species. There are several rare bat species found near Garezers.
Some interesting trees grow on the territory of Nature Park “Piejūra”, it is recommended to see for example Vilkaču (Werewolf) pine-tree that is protected nature object and Lielā (Big) pine-tree that is approximately 250 years old and is 2,4 meters in girth.
The parabolic dune of Garezers and the amphitheatre of dunes are important natural sites. It is the biggest formation of dunes on the coast of the Gulf of Riga. The formation of parabolic dune started on the 18 century, after the deforestation of the area. It changed continuously its location for almost 200 years and thus partly filled up the river Langa and threatened to pour with sand the village of Langa (now – Garciems). Now the dune is planted with trees.
On the North East side of the parabolic dune is the highest point of the Nature Park – the Peak Labošanās (Improvement) with 27,6 meters above sea level. There’s a legend that the beautiful and wide view from the peak sends away all the bad thoughts, which is why the peak is called Labošanās (Improvement). The ancient fishermen used this peak as landmark, because it is visible from the distance of 7 km.

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The Organizer of the Off Road Adventure tour shall retain the rights to make changes in the route of Natural Landscape Off Road Tour, which does not change the essential character of the off road adventure tour and doesn’t lessen the intensity. Changes are introduced mainly due to the changes in weather conditions and special features of different seasons.

Length of the tour: 4 hours
Tour distance: 110 km
Tour route: Rīga – Ropaži – Vangaži – Rīga
Difficulty level: Easy
Group size: up to 80 persons (min. 2 persons)
4×4 off road jeeps in group: up to 20
Self driving: Yes
Tour pricing per person: from 55 EUR (includes all taxes)
Additional costs (if desired) – 20 minutes flight from Ādaži Airfield: 43 EUR (includes all taxes)

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